Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Curvy Kate Wonderland

This is the most full-on-top friendly of the many Curvy Kates I own. It also has perhaps the greatest number of negative reviews for shape. Those two things are related, as we shall see.


The Wonderland is based on the Lottie, identifiable by its large, sheer top panel. The style was designed by a student, I believe, and originally came in a gorgeous, unique colorway of navy and deep wine that, combined with the unusual thick embroidered edging, was evocative of a Victorian evening gown neckline. This colorway is a lot wackier and, frankly, reminds me of The Partridge Family bus. Though I do still love that baroque embroidered edge. Also, the design does carry over onto the front of the straps, which is a nice, and rare, touch.

Comfort & Fit

  • Yes, it does have a bit of both these. The large mesh panel is quite soft and the cup is slightly deeper than other CK's.  While I don't care for the look in my cup size, the fine mesh panel provides a lot more stretch in the upper cup than a CK bra usually does. I am quite full-on-top and this style accommodates that quite well.

  • The band is the usual CK: softish mesh, but with thinner elastic edging. You will never mistake them for the comfort and secure anchoring of a Natori or Anita. 

  • It tacks very well and the gore is on the low side, and medium-width, which may not come through in the pics. 

  • Wires are medium, definitely not wide, and good fit for me. They are also lower on the sides than Portia or Romance, which is always a win for me.


Shape.  This is not the best shape from CK (and CK isn't the best shape for me even in the best case scenario). Some definite slope there, although it doesn't cut in, and accommodates my upper fullness, it definitely doesn't flatter a full-on- boob shape.

Huge upper mesh cup.  I just really do not care for this look.

Straps.  Because the pattern continues onto the front of them, they are rendered non-stretch in the front. But that isn't the problem. While they do not cut in, the discomfort comes from the stiffened texture of the strap, which causes the edges to feel abrasive against the skin.

When Do I Wear It?
When I need moderate lift and a ¾ balconette style for a wide neckline and the fabric is either dark or non-formfitting enough that the less than ideal shape won’t be apparent.

Size:  38GG

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