Friday, June 24, 2016

Review: Parfait by Affinitas Casey

Nutshell Review: Casey is very similar to the Freya Deco, except more comfy. 

I have found Parfait's sizing to be all over the place, and because of that, a hard brand to crack. But on the theory that the Deco runs a cup large, I tried Casey in a cup size down, and got a good fit. 


Band.  Parfait bands run tight & Casey is no exception. They also run wide and stable; again, no exception. It is taller than I prefer, and as always, I could do without the obnoxious side stays.

Fabric.  Quite soft, actually. The cups are fairly thick foam. This is a traditional T-shirt bra style.


There is good and bad news, here - depending on your personal tastes, and your skin tone. The beige color is very, very yellowy. My crap phone camera does not reflect just how yellow the color skews. This would be my natural skin tone only if I had jaundice. The only other colorways are a super-deep tan color, or an ice blue (my first choice, but tough to find). 

The gore is extremely low. This is a true deep plunge. 

The vertical lace covering the outer 1/3 of the cup is a pretty touch that makes the bra significantly less plain. 


Shape.  Decent, but not great. It is not as round as the Deco; though there is plenty of room in the upper cup, the apex reads strangely low. 

The cups are medium-width, but the shape under clothing - in this case a thin 'tissue' T-shirt almost appears wide and slightly pointy. Odd.

Tall Sides.  I dislike them, but a drawback for me may be a plus for some. 

Side Stays.  These simply, in every case, detract from the comfort of a bra for me.

When Do I Wear It?

Under very thin knits or very low necklines. Most likely under a low-cut formal number, but in that case I'd be more likely to choose the Comexim T-shirt bra, which I'll review soon.
Size:  40FF

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