Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: Gorsenia Lilli-Rose

After my great success with Gorsenia Solange I wanted to try another style in a slightly smaller size. So I opted for the Lilli-Rose. Though the brand is Polish, the amazon seller, Other Eden, is located in the UK and the shipping was quite fast on all three bras I've purchased so far. 


I needed a lighter neutral colorway, and since I hate beige, I don't buy it unless there is no other alternative. The Lilli-Rose has a pale pink base, with a light grey print. The effect is subtle and doesn't show through light colored tops, so it works very well as a neutral for me. 

The details and quality are very high. The fine mesh upper cup is a double layer and the seams are well-sewn and very flat. The embroidery is slightly raised and would show under a very clingy fabric, but doesn't under a medium-weight knit.

Comfort & Fit

I went with a 38H this time, since in the 40H Solange the cups were slightly large on me. But I don't think that accounts for the lesser comfort of this bra. There are subtle differences between this style and the Solange that, taken together, have a negative impact on comfort. 

Cups.  This is a good fit for me. I could perhaps use just a smidge more room in my larger side, but overall, the cup size is right. The shape however, is slightly less round than Solange. I am still getting a perfect tack.

Wires.  I definitely notice the change here, from dropping down a band size. These are narrow wires, almost on par with Comexim. They also dropped 1/2" in height, which is a plus for me.This angle makes the wires appear fairly tall, but they are not. I did bend them slightly outward at the outer ends, to make them follow the line of my muscley/fluffy bits better.

Side seams.  Here is one of the subtle differences. You can see how raised that seam is (this is after the side stay was removed). It is just bigger and sturdier than the Solange's. And so I am aware of the feeling of the seam. 

Straps.  These are different too. They are incredible short. I have them fully extended - & even then, they are barely long enough. The straps are also a good deal wider than Solange, and more restricted stretch. This would normally be good, but because of the shortness factor, it does not add to comfort.

Band.  The band is significantly smaller and less comfy than Solange. It is, unfortunately, mesh. Not a rough 'power' mesh, but it's mesh. However, it has the same pattern as the cups, which gives a much nicer look than plain mesh. But as I often find with mesh bands, not only do they fit more snugly, but the elastic lining the top and bottom is often tighter than the band and so you get that feeling of slight digging in, even when it is not too tight. 

Shape.  It is not as round as Solange. There is a subtle difference in the seam placement, and the lower seam is slightly less vertical, and a bit more slanted to the diagonal, as you see in UK seams - though much less so. I'm still getting a far better, rounder shape than I do in Curvy Kate.

When Do I Wear It?

In the same way as I wear Solange, but less often. Lilli-Rose is a versatile shape and a reasonably comfy bra, but just not as comfy as Solange. Some Gorsenia styles seem to have 'plus' size, or large cup size 'features' such as wider (but shorter!) straps; mesh bands; and heftier seam structure. Unfortunately, you really can't tell from the descriptions which styles contain these 'features' - which I personally do not want. 

For my next purchase, I will avoid the wider straps and mesh bands (the seller does respond well to questions) in my quest to find another style similar to the deeply wonderful Solange. The Lilli-Rose is a good bra, just not a great bra, for me. But if you are under 5'6", and need narrow wires and the firm support of a mesh band, this would be a great bra for you, and at 1/2 the pricepoint of Comexim. 
Size:  38H


  1. This bra does give you a great shape! I hate it when a bra looks good and yet is totally uncomfortable.

  2. Right? It's silly, but one feels slightly betrayed by an inanimate object. This one is still far comfier than say, the average Cleo, but it always amazes me how just a couple of small tweaks drastically changes the comfort.