Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sometimes there is a need for butt-crack cleavage

I am normally not going for more cleavage. My boobs are fairly close-set and also high-set, with tissue beginning 2" below my collar bone. Cleavage is something I'm often looking to minimize. And when I do go for that look, I prefer cakes-on-a-plate, Marie Antoinette style cleavage. Or what my BF-now-husband refers to as "wench boobs".

However. Eloped to Vegas. I think there's some kind of city ordinance that requires butt-crack cleavage. And the Kiyonna dress I found (gloriously on sale at 1/2 price) was a wrap style with a deep V-neckline. Luckily it was also in stretch velvet, a very forgiving fabric. But there was no way around it. I needed a plunge bra with a very low gore - & a shape that embraced deep cleavage.

In the end, after failing to find a less-padded alternative, I fell back on my Parfait Affinitas Casey. The front view was more important than the less perfect side shape, which I discuss here:   

It worked out pretty well, although the padding of Casey did stretch the stretch velvet to its limits, so I had the seamstress add a tiny snap to the wrap neckline. To avoid any, uh, wardrobe malfunctions.


It was actually fairly comfy through sitting at dinner afterward. And I had an awful cold, which makes my sensitive skin even more so, and the soft fabric of the Casey did not irritate me. 

To round out the evening, Elvis was wearing red and matched my flowers.
He also appeared to really approve of my neckline.


  1. OMG - CONGRATS! And your boobs looked gorgeous :-) Great dress!

    1. Thank you! We first met 18 years ago - took the long & winding road. When we decided to name the date I chose Groundhog Day ....because do-overs. I've since realized that not everyone gets the reference to the Bill Murray movie. Haha.

  2. Congratulations on getting married! Vegas seems like a good place for an elopement. I love the look of your hair, necklace, and velvet dress together! I'm glad the Parfait Casey proved its worth. I have one, and the top edge shows through too many of my tops. I rarely wear it. I may try it under one of my Bolero Beachwear wrap tops.

    1. Aww, thank you! I had hoped to find a more lightweight non - or even just lightly padded - plunge, but my quest failed & I ran out of time. Do let me know if you find anything better in a plunge style.