Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Wacoal Supporting Role

Nutshell: This is like a slightly prettier, more supportive, far less comfy version of my much-loved Natori Satin Fleur.


I find this quite pretty by Wacoal standards. Which means the lace and graceful swooping curves at the gore do a great deal to mitigate the Wacoal beigeness of it all. 
(Wow, even worse than my usual photo quality. Hahaha. Sorry, there's just not much I can do to mitigate the Alaska winter light in my 1930s bathroom on the dark north side of the house.)


Fabric.  Really nice. The cups are smooth, thick, non-stretch. Lots of support and zero bounce. Lace is non-irritating.

Straps.  Substantial and on the wide side. Not padded, but reasonably soft.

Band.  Wacoal-ultra-tight, with the +4 built in. I.e. 2 band sizes smaller than most brands. You really do need to add 4" to your actual measurement. I'm currently 37" and this 42 band fits like a snug 38 band.

Shape.  Nice & round, with decent upper cup room for my full on top shape. The cup is meant for a balanced shape, so I don't have quite enough room, but more than usual in this bra type. I'm getting a decent tack, with some usual floating at the top, but far less than my Natoris or Empreintes. 


 Well, there's really only one, but it's a big one
Wires.  Narrow, which is a plus for me. However. In every other way, they are...Panache-y. Which says it all for me. Sky high. Heavy gauge. Rigid AF. 

These are not the heavenly foam-wrapped, lower-height wires of the deeply comfy Wacoal Dual Control.

Just ugh. This is pretty much a dealbreaker for me.

When Do I Wear It?

Yeah, not often. With a knit top. For times I'll be standing and walking, rather than sitting - which mitigates those armpit-stabbers somewhat - and for no more than 4 hours. So, Saturday grocery shopping, pretty much it.

Size: 42DDD

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