Sunday, October 8, 2017

Review: Gorsenia Verona

In my latest attempt to find another style as wonderful as Gorsenia's Solange, I tried Verona. From the Amazon pics, she looked very similar in structure; however, she turned out to be more similar to Lilli-Rose, also a good bra - just not as good. 


Satin luster combines with a pretty lace-on-sheer section. The overall effect is one of clean-lined elegance. The lace is flat and does not show under knits.

Comfort & Fit

Cups.  They run slightly smaller than Solange, so I get less of the fluttering effect with the lace panel: a little on my smaller left side, and none at all on my right. As with all Gorsenia styles I've tried, they are very full-on-top friendly - a welcome rarity - and also would work for balanced shapes. Full-on-bottoms, not so much; you will have a lot of empty upper cup, and as there isn't much stretch to the lace, it isn't going to conform to that shape well.  I am getting the usual Gorsenia perfect tack.

Band.  Unfortunately, it is mesh. It runs quite a bit tighter than Solange's lovely satin band. And it is power mesh, not the finer, softer mesh of a Natori. It's not a dealbreaker, but it does mean that I am ready to take Verona off when I get home, whereas Solange, I am happy to wear out to dinner after work. 

Straps.  These are the same slightly wider - and much shorter - straps of Lilli-Rose. I have to wear them fully extended. There's no awful ring connector, so they are fully adjustable and very petite-friendly. 

Wires.  The same medium/narrow U-shape and medium height of all the unpadded Gorsenias I have tried. A perfect fit for my projected, medium-set shape - though, as always, I'd prefer them to be a 1/2" shorter. 


I am really happy with the shape I get from every Gorsenia I've tried. 

My natural shape is respected and allowed to do its thing.

But in a way that is lifted, centered, and supported. 

Boobs are kept on the center of my chest, which keeps my silhouette balanced, rather than wide.

The profile shape is pretty much perfection:

Definitely lifted - but not boosted.  

Rounded, but not disconcertingly perfect-orb round. 

Naturally projected - but not in-your-face as Ewa Michalak is.

When Do I Wear It?

For work, mainly. The shape is incredibly versatile and does not create any cleavage. This is huge, as I am high-set and can basically show cleavage in anything other than a turtleneck. The shape works as well under a thin T-shirt as it does under a chunky sweater.

The only instance where a Gorsenia may not be the best choice is with a fitted button-down in a non-stretch fabric, say an Oxford shirt. A style I very rarely wear, in any case. (For that kind of highly structured clothing, you're pretty much stuck with a minimizer bra in any case, unless you have the shirt custom-tailored to your own big-boob specs.) But if for some reason I had to wear that kind of clothing, I would opt for either Liliana or Esme as both possess magical, minimizing - but not widening/flattening - properties.  

Size: 40H (Euro sizing)

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