Saturday, June 25, 2022

Review: DELIMIRA Wireless Seamless Bra Unlined Bralette (Wacoal Awareness)

 Delimira is still out here making great generic versions of some very well-known - and moderate-to-spendy - brands. And still naming them terribly. This is version 2.0 of Wacoal's Awareness, the beloved OG wireless bra. II reviewed the older version here: Version 1.0


This version has a lace overlay, which gives an otherwise plain style some subtle prettiness, and lies completely flat and undetectable under knit fabrics.

Comfort & Fit

Everything holds true from the original review except there is a lot more cup capacity in this newer version. Hurray! The fabric is still soft and comfy enough for a long day of wear. The straps are very basic, a standard width, and not too widely set. Despite the name, this is more bra than bralette and is fairly supportive.


Rounded, natural, not boosted. It's an acceptable shape for a wire-free bra and I do wear it under Tshirts. It gives some nip coverage, although the fabric is not thick at all.

When Do I Wear It?

This is a good all-rounder. The underband is soft and flexible so it's comfy for sitting at desk and is also supportive enough for more active pursuits. So any time comfort and support are more important than shape or separation. 


42F  Delimira runs generous in the cup. My size in this brand for years was 40F, which fits like a UK 40G or US 40H. Now, I'm a bit.....fluffier, and opted to go up a band size.

Price Point

Under $25. Reasonable as per usual.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Review: SKIMS bralettes

Wow, did I really hate Wordpress. Took most of the fun out of blogging. So I'm going back to my cozy little blogger site; the equivalent of ditching a giant SUV and keeping your old VW Beetle instead.

Since I haven't worn underwire in two years now - and now, even my comfiest don't seem comfy enough - I continue with my bralette quest.


Nutshell:  Wonderful fabrics, but all styles run very small.

Fits Everybody Scoop Neck bra

This is indeed a universal style. The fabric is buttery soft and smooth and feels great against the skin.

The cups are not especially generous and I'm getting a bit of flattening of my full-on-top shape, but it's not a bad shape overall. 

However, it feels tight on. The band runs at least one size small. And the straps are thin and quite wide-set, so not all that big boob friendly. On the positive side, the color range is fantastic: a huge spectrum of nude shades and a changing set of seasonal colors, if, like me, beige isn't your bag, baby.

Fits Everybody High Neck bra

This is the one I had high hopes for. There are so many tops - wrap styles, I'm looking at you - that our smaller-cupped sisters can throw on with ease, but are instantly 'not work appropriate' if you're full-busted. This would be a perfect fix for that issue, without adding any warm layers.

Same buttery fabric. The racerback style negates the thin strap issue, but does give that feeling of extra weight on your neck, which I don't love and I wish they'd opted to wide the back into more of a tank top cut to distribute pressure and add support. 

The sides are low. I mean, I definitely prefer lower sides, but these are low. And, again, it runs small in both cup and band, but it's the band that's a dealbreaker; it's actually giving that unpleasant feeling of cutting into my skin. 

Cozy Knit bralette

And then there's this. It's the silliest thing I've tried since that wacky terrycloth boob sling. 

First off, it makes you look like a muppet.

And there is less than zero support. There is no band at all. Just a single piece of flat, ultra stretchy, winter scarf type fabric. There is no way you'd want to wear this on its own: the risk of popping out or flopping under is extremely high. 

Price Point

$32, which is a bit spendy for such basic styles, but the super soft fabrics and great range of color choices might make it worth it to you. Still, I'd wait for a sale.

Sizing XXS-4X

This is the main issue: all styles run small by a good one to two sizes. I would take the size chart with a very large grain of salt. 

For example, all the styles I tried are in a 3X. Per their chart, which helpfully references to dress size, but is inaccurate, this fits a bust of 51-53". Yeah, no. By that measurement, I should have gotten a 2X, but I just went with my gut and sized up. It was not enough. I'd advise going up two full sizes.  Because the fabrics are so great, I'd be willing to try a 4X, but I would be topping out their size range. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Review: Harper Wilde bralettes

Nutshell: Disappointing

In my never-ending quest to find comfy bralettes to join my two stalwarts, Bali and 32 Degrees, I was excited to try out this woman-owned brand, Harper Wilde. I tried The Bliss and Luxe.

My hopes were quickly deflated.


Sleek simplicity. Zero frou-frou. Just simple lines, silky fabrics, in very limited non-colors.

Fit & Comfort

Here lies the problem. Per the brand's size chart, I should have been well within the sizes range. I can only assume that the chart uses a definition of "inches" that is unknown to me.

The cup size in both styles I tried was vastly underwhelming. Vastly. Also, the brand seems to be aimed at a very specific boob shape and body type: full-on-bottom boobs and a narrow, fairly petite frame. Not exactly a universal approach.

The Bliss

Fabric is lovely and silky, but oddly, not all that stretchy. The effect is of an old school flattening sports bra. I get a definite uni-boob and no bounce at all. The usual problem of a soft fabric finished with rough seams is present, so I've flipped the bralette inside-out to make it wearable for me; when only the soft fabric is against my skin, I can imagine being quite happy with this style - if only the cups had more stretch and could handle boobs with any projection at all, let alone a full-on-top shape.


I had higher hopes that this style might better accommodate fuller boobs, but was soon disappointed again. I'm only showing the side view as Luxe is completely sheer. The fabric isn't the satin-soft smoothness of The Bliss, but it's softer than expected for a mesh style.

Front-adjust straps are a practical novelty that I appreciate; it's a shame the straps aren't wider and restricted stretch. In fact, applying some of that stretchiness to the cups, rather than the straps, would be a big improvement. As it is, the rigid mesh cups are cutting into my upper fullness so badly, Luxe is neither comfortable nor wearable.

When Do I Wear Them?

Luxe, never. The Bliss...not very often. I'd say that if you're under 5'6", narrow-shouldered, full-on-bottom and looking for snug bands and supportive, less stretchy cups, then Harper Wilde might work for you.

Size: 3X

This should have put me well within the size chart, but I find both styles to run incredibly small and not accurate to the measurements reflected on the chart. Because the whole design seems scaled to a small-framed person , i.e. The Bliss' straps are quite short (& non-adjustable) and Luxe straps are very inset, I don't think sizing up would improve the fit for me.

Price Point: $50

At this price, I expected...more. And for a woman-owned company founded by women who couldn't find bras that fit them well, it's a bit ironic that the brand is heavily geared toward one specific boob shape and body type.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Review: Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali just keeps on expanding the Comfort Revolution line, which has long contained my most reliable bralette. Unfortunately, they seem to lack imagination when it comes to naming the different models, so you really have to pay close attention to figure out what you're getting.

The main difference is non-removable foam padding, which I generally do not want. But there are other subtle differences between the padded models.

This version is a bra, and it looks just like the bralettes from the outside. But the structure is quite different.


Available in lots and lots of colors and subtle tonal patterns. This is Cement Gray, which is sort of a greige.

Comfort & Support

CUPS. The main difference between the bra & bralette version is that the foam in the bra is slightly thicker and more molded. Nothing like a T-shirt bra; it's still very thin and flexible. It's a very soft, rounded shape, but with a definite apex. The cups have some stretch, but it's limited by the foam lining; still, it's enough to allow the cups to accommodate my full-on-top shape with no cutting in or double-bubble.

Another difference is that the bra version has casing under the cups. This is the stitched channel where an underwire would normally be inserted. It just gives a small amount of structure and support from below. The fabric and stitching is soft enough for my sensitive skin.

SUPPORT. Here's what unique about this bra that I wasn't expecting. It doesn't really give much support - but it looks as if it does, beneath clothing. The lift and shape provided by the thin molded foam is enough to rival the look of an underwired, non-pushup T-shirt bra. You can see here what I mean:

The weight of my boobs is clearly dragging down the cup and snug band a bit....but magically, the shape and lift look good. I also like the very low sides as this is the area that tall bands and seams really impact my sensitive skin the most.


STRAPS. Just as all the others in the Bali Comfort Revolution collection, the straps are a nice, moderate width, but the turned-under seams are not soft and not very comfy. Because the band is actually doing more than it appears, there is not a lot of extra weight put onto the strap, so it's not a deal-breaker for me. But if I had any sewing talent, I would stitch a soft lining to the underside of the straps.

When Do I Wear It?

When I want to look supported and nip-free, but don't want to be supported by actual underwire or or a heavy wire-free structure. So under a thin knit sweater or clingy T-shirt, when I will be sitting a lot, perhaps in a professional situation like a video meeting. This style has turned out to be useful more often than I expected.


This is in actual bra sizing - that's another distinction between the bras/bralettes. Bali is a US brand and the usual rule of thumb applies: bands run more snug and cups more generous than in Euro or UK sizing. I am a 40H US/Euro and 40G UK. A 42DD works fine for me and I can wear it on the loosest hook, which gives you an idea of how easily you can sister-side into this.

Price Point: under $25 on Amazon

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Review: Delimira Wireless bra

It's been a long while since I've reviewed any actual bras here. That's because since the pandemic began I've been working from home in yoga pants and bralettes. My OG standbys 32 Degrees and Bali Revolution have been all I've needed during this unprecedented time of quarantine. My own state continues to lead the nation in Covid cases (oh, the pride) and since I don't fancy being medivaced down to Seattle for 20K, I won't be eating in restaurants any time soon or going anywhere that merits an actual bra.

Still, there are times I need a bit more support and want something with more bra and less 'lette'.


That's It. Right there. That tonal embroidery and odd V-neck strip of lace. That's all you get.

I opted for Mochaccino over the dreaded beige, but that's as flamboyant as this style gets.

Hahahahaha. OK, yes, I know: this baby is a flat-out frump fest. But stay with me if comfort is your jam. Because this generic version of the Triumph Doreen, which, since the 1950s, has consistently been the most popular bra in the world, is a comfy workhorse. 

I've been aware of the Doreen for a long time. It was popular in the early-80s, when I was in high school; it was a favorite of friends when I was in the Philippines for my foreign exchange year. Back then, I was all about thin, silky, front-close triangle bras and would never have worn this style; I just thought it was a funny retro thing. Then in the early-90s, when I lived in the UK, my 30-yr-old neighbor loved this style. By then, I was all about my Vanity Fair underwires, so again, I passed. Fast-forward 30 years, many lbs, sensitive skin, and bigger boobs later, & I've reconsidered.


FABRIC. Satiny nylon on the outside means clothes will glide smoothly. Cotton lining on the inside means soothing comfort for sensitive skin and a huge win if you're in a hot, sticky climate.

CUPS. Old school 3-part seamed design. A more diagonal seam will always give a better shape. That horizontal seam does no boob shape any favors, but in this case, it also doesn't do much harm. The cups are generous and, while not stretchy, they do have a bit of give. They are not actively flattening my full-on-top boobs - and while not exactly flattering my natural shape, they are also not cutting into it, which is always a nice surprise. But the biggest plus for me is that the seams are flat and smooth; not rough or irritating in any way.

BAND. Smooth, soft fabric; no nasty, rough power-mesh here. It also nice and low at the sides, so no chafing or cutting into soft skin there.

STRAPS. Very nicely done. Soft and wide, with no sharp, cutting edges. And no obnoxious ring connectors to dig in.


Mediocre and acceptable. Not round, but not pointy, either. But that horizontal seam is going to be visible in anything but a chunky sweater, including the thin sweater I'm wearing below.

Oh, & that's the other hobby I've been working on during the pandemic: growing out my silver curls.

When Do I Wear It?

When I want more support than a soft bralette can give, especially in terms of bounce control and lift, but I don't want bust out the underwire. I wouldn't choose this for a thin T-shirt, but it's fine under cotton blouses or loose sweaters. This is what I'd choose if faced with a long day at work, followed by going out afterward, with no time to go home and change. I might choose it for travel if faced with a lot of walking to connecting flights where bounce control and firmer support would be welcome

Price Point: around $25

Sizing: my usual with Delimira. I went up to a 42F, which fits me like a 40G UK, or 40H US.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Review: Lume Deodorant

I've tried a lot of new natural deodorants during the pandemic because I've been working from home, which makes it the perfect time. Because there's only myself to offend if they fail.

Recap: I started on my epic quest to find non-aluminum deodorants when I suddenly developed an angry allergic reaction to the Dove solid I'd used for the last decade or so. Which left me pretty dismayed since I'm kinda crunchy, but in a very pragmatic way. Deodorant is one thing that simply needs to work, and chemicals are a lesser consideration for me.


I had high hopes for Lume, since I like cream formulas and you can use this anywhere on the body. Not a feature I was looking for, but cool nonetheless. I tried a sample pack so I could try five scents.

The first thing I noticed was that this is not a cream like Type:A is, but rather a watery, slow-drying lotion, like Drunk Elephant. The second thing I discovered is that all of the scents share the same underlying scent, a kind of cloying, cling to the back of. your throat, chemical undertone. I noticed the same thing beneath the pleasant almond scent of Drunk Elephant. I assume this is due to the ingredient of mandelic acid that both share. And unfortunately, the third thing I learned is that this ingredient simply doesn't work on me. I mean, at all.

Rating: 2/10.  Thats right. On a scale of 10 hours, Lume worked for 2 hours. And that's time spent typing on my sofa - not mowing the lawn or going to the gym. Just sitting here, respirating and typing. 

The upside is that once you know a main ingredient does not work for you, you can strike all other products based on that from your list. So anything with mandelic acid is a complete fail for me: Drunk Elephant, Lume, Kopari, etc. These are all very spendy as well, so that saves me time and money. Since I'm not about to risk baking soda on my sensitive skin, that really just leaves the magnesium-based options, which have been effective to varying degrees. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

32 Degrees Comfort Racerback bralette

The 32 Degrees bralettes have been my best quarantine find. All of them are incredibly comfy. And ridiculously affordable at under $10. I tried them on a whim, not expecting much, as I do not fit into the brand's size range. But am I ever glad that the bralettes are an exception to that.

There are four or five colors available and I chose this one in soft violet and another in navy. I am also pathetically overjoyed when offered options other than black, white, or the dreaded beige.

Fabric:  A thick, very soft, very stretchy nylon/spandex. The thickness was a nice surprise, as it is enough to increase the support while still allowing for all kinds of shapes. It is a different feel from the buttery modal of the fabulous 32 Degrees Cool Bralette

Seams and Band: Non-obnoxious! Band is not loose and is of the same fabric as cups; no exposed elastic. Seams are not irritating and are quite small, but, being me -with the most sensitive skin of well, anyone I've ever met- I do flip the bralette inside out for ultimate comfort. It is tagless, so bonus there.

Shape: a soft, rounded shape, on the better end of what you can reasonably expect from a soft, wireless bralette.

Sizing.   A pleasant surprise, indeed. The XXL easily accommodates my 40H full-on-top boobs. And the band is not too big, either. If you're a 34-38F/G, then the XL should give you plenty of room.

Compromises:  although these are certainly comfier than most, I am not a fan of racerback straps. At a larger cup size, they just put more weight on the neck/inner shoulder than I prefer. I find that I get tired of that after 6 hours or so.

When Do I Wear It?  When I want another option from the Cool Bralette, which I am tempted to wear every single day.

Note: Also, all of the 32 Degree bralettes come with those ridiculous little foam frisbee nippy covers. Luckily, they are designed to just slide out, so I do that immediately. I now have a huge stack of them, and am trying to figure out some upcycle purpose for these useless foam discs.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Review: 32 Degrees Cool Bralette

I was actually looking to try the Flowy Camisole, but grabbed the 32 Degrees Cool Bralette on impulse because it was on sale for $8. Once I tried it, I went back and grabbed two more. Which is a spoiler alert that it worked out.


Ruching and delicate straps (more on those later) lend an understated prettiness to an otherwise plain style.

Comfort & Fit

Straps.  I was not expecting this to work as they are soooo thin - literally, spaghetti straps. Adjustable, with tiny sliders. Frankly, it's a silly design choice and usually a recipe for cutting in and discomfort. And, of course, it still would have been far better with wider straps. However, in this case it actually works because of .....

Band.  The band is tall. In fact, it is the same height as the cups, all the way around. This means it functions pretty much as a strapless bandeau would, rendering the silly tiny straps superfluous. I still dislike tall bands, but in this case it works because of ...

Fabric.  Buttery soft modal and seamless. I can't comment on its cooling properties since it's the middle of the Alaskan winter, but the fabric is wonderfully soft and makes even soft cotton seem rough by comparison.

Support.  I was surprised by the amount of light support it provided. Due to the height of the back and the 1" bottom band - completely covered in fabric - the bralette is really anchored.

There is no smooshing and the uniboob is a little less than usual, thanks to the ruching. I certainly don't have to rearrange every hour, like I do with the Calvin Klein bralette.

Shape.  I get a soft, round shape. Natural and without lift.

When Do I Wear It

I totally wear this outside the house, usually under a sweater or hoodie. It also combines well with jammies and soft cardigans, i.e. pandemic workwear. The straps look prettier peeking out than most do. It's definitely comfy enough to sleep in, if that's your thing. I might wear it under a looser T-shirt, but you'll likely prefer something more shaping under anything form-fitting.

Sizing.  XXL.  (range is XS-XXL) It's pretty impressive that there is enough cup capacity for big boobs. I'd say that the XXL would fit 38F-42G (US). I'm a 40H and it's rare to find a good fit in this kind of generic size range.

Price Point.  Currently still on sale for $8. Full price is $18. For the good quality materials and serious comfort, that is a real bargain.

Update: It is now April, and this has become my all-time favorite bralette. I wear it 4 or 5 days a week. And I have found that I do wear it under pretty much everything, and out of the house, too - which has really only consisted of two vaccination appointments, so far. It has replaced my Bali Comfort Revolution because the fabric softness just cannot be beat.


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Review Olga Signature Support Satin Wire-Free bra

In my quest to find more comfy wire-free bras for quarantine I tried the Olga Signature Support Satin Wire-Free 2-ply bra in the colorway Bluefog. 


The low-luster satin fabric is actually quite pretty in this ice-blue shade. The design is quite plain, the only decoration being a shiny satin V-shaped inset at the neckline.

Comfort & Fit

Fabric.  Very soft and supportive. It is unlined, double-ply satin/spandex so it fits like a 2nd skin but does not provide much nip coverage, which I don't really care about, but you might.

Band.  The same satin fabric - no 'power' mesh, which is good news. On the tall side, with a thick seam, which is less good news. But no poky side stays, which is always a plus for me.

Cups.  Seamless, with a moderate amount of stretch, they are supportive but still allow for both full-on-top and full-on-bottom shapes. There is a foam side support that runs all along the outer cups, from the strap to the band. I forgot to smooth it down so it looks a little twisted at the top here, but it does lay flat and invisible under clothing.

I found that the cup construction did give me good lift and separation, and a very nice rounded shape under a knit shirt.


Strap placement.  This is purely a matter of preference, but I don't really care for the way the straps angle in at the back, which rises up to meet the straps with those ring connectors.


I find that this is the spot where I will get some rubbing & skin irritation after a few hours. Still, many women I know actually prefer this style.

Sizing.  I have always found Olga to run very snug in the band and large in the cups. So I sister-sized to a 44DD. Which equates to a 40G US.

My actual size is a 40H US/Euro or a 40G UK so this gives you an idea of how tight the band runs and how generous the cups.

Pricepoint.  Around $25 on Amazon, $40 in a department store. The construction quality is quite good.



Sunday, November 29, 2020

Review: Drunk Elephant Deodorant

In my quest to find deodorants that do not cause allergic reactions, or annoy my sensitive skin, I gave Drunk Elephant Deodorant a try.

Container:  narrow and square. An odd design choice, as the edges are sharpish, making it not especially comfy to rub around your armpit.

Scent: a pleasant almond that is far too faint and doesn't last.

Texture:  a milky liquid that, unfortunately, does not every really dry completely. Even worse, if you like to apply body powder, as I do, expect some strange caking and creamy little blobs dropping from your armpits. (Ask me how I know.)

Effectivness: 2 out of 10. That's right. You can expect two measly hours of protection - max. And that is assuming you are doing nothing more strenuous that sitting on the sofa. Incredibly disappointing, especially at this price point, around $15.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Review: Bali Beauty bra

The description of Bali Beauty bra includes the words 'revolutionary' 'scientifically tested, gravity-defying' and 'multi-zone fusion innovation'. Yeahhh, I don't know about any of that - sounds like someone in marketing exceeded their caffeine limit and needs to back away from the thesaurus - but it is a new take on wire-free.


Nice golden sand color instead of the dreaded beige, with a prettily embossed fan/shell pattern. Plunging V-shape.

Comfort & Fit

Fabric.  70% Nylon, 30% Spandex. Normally, this would give you that 2nd skin fit, with lots of stretch. But this is where that gravity defiance comes in: the cup is actually laminated and non-stretch. The fabric is very thin and smooth, so it is not that uncomfy, scratchy UK style where laminated feels like they've bonded some mesh window screen inside the cup. 

You can see the result of that lack of stretch on my smaller side, where there is extra bottom room, which is not where I need it. The lack of stretch means it kinda crinkles there.

Cups. Plenty of capacity, but very decidedly designed for full-on-bottom boob shapes.

Most of the cup room is at the bottom and sides, so it's cutting into my larger right boob a bit. This would have worked a lot better for many different shapes if the bottom of the cup had been non-stretch and the top more stretchy and flexible.

Band. Made of the same fabric as the cups, laser cut to minimize seams; the only one is on the sides and is not bulky. Not too tall; this is a decent band.

Straps. Standard and reasonably soft. They do not cut in.

Shape. Surprisingly good under a thin T-shirt. Rounded, but slightly perky. There is more lift than I expected and I'd certainly wear this out of the house.


Center Roll. That low-cut V-neck shape, together with the lack of cup stretch, means I find my boobs tumbling toward the center and have to readjust frequently throughout the day.

Shape Mismatch. As a haver of full-on-top boobs, this is something I am all too accustomed to dealing with. Sometimes it's worth it to put up with it; sometimes not. While it does look good under clothing, if I do not adjust every hour or two, I will get visible double-bubble in this.

When Do I Wear It?

Weekends when I might want to leave the house for a short errand. (Theoretically, since this is Month 7 of quarantine, and there are no errands anymore.) I don't find Beauty comfy enough for a full work day at home, mostly due to the tumbling to the center issue. I get tired of rearranging my boobs. But for bottom-full shapes, this may not be much of an issue for you.

Price point. A bargain at $12 on sale. And a decent value at twice that.

Sizing. 42DD. Bali bands are true to size, unlike Olga where I always need to size up. So I could have gone with my usual 40 here, but I needed the cup size. This fits me like a loose 40G (UK).

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Review: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette

A very basic bralette by Calvin Klein, in the wonderfully named colorway 'Nymph's Thigh': a palest ballet pink. It's pretty and a much nicer neutral than the dreaded yellowy beige.


The cotton fabric is heavenly. Literally the softest I've ever encountered. It is quite thin and has plenty of stretch.

The seams, however, are a different story. As you can see, I have flipped it inside out, which improves comfort greatly.

The band is, disappointingly, uncovered elastic. I mean, why. Also, there's no missing that giant logo running all the way around it. Unless your boobs are as big as mine, that is. Ha. At least it is much softer than most.

The straps are racerback, which is not a plus for me. You're forced to pull it on over your head, rather than step into it, as I prefer.

Fit & Support

Not much of either. My first thought was to laugh at the name 'Modern' - the fit is anything but. This is an old-school uni-boob style. You will get a flattened mono-boob-loaf shape. And your boobs will be stickily smooshed together.

There is actually a lot of cup capacity, but it is literally a flat piece of fabric, just like those early 'sports bras' but without the flattening compression. There is absolutely no attempt at shaping to allow for any projection.

Most of the lack of support comes from the poorly designed straps. They are super stretchy and the same thin cotton - not reinforced at all - and the weight of my boobs dragged them down in no time. If they had been restricted stretch, the racerback shape might have actually increased support. I also had to rearrange frequently due to uni-boob problem.

The shape is not terrible from the side. And there's that seam that would ruin the cloud-softness if not inside-out:

When Do I Wear It?

For a few hours on weekends, lounging around the house. I would not wear it outside my yard; there's just not enough support for that. I also don't find it comfy enough for a full day of working from home, mainly due to the stickily smooshed together effect.

It would be a great sleep bra, if you're into that, since the fabric is cloud-soft. In fact, I would have used it for that if I was still experiencing PMS swelling, but that is happily behind me since I began using progesterone cream, and especially now that I've hit the end stage of perimenopause.

Sizing.  2X. This is the Plus version, which you'll want if you're above a D-cup. The 2X fits a range of 38E-42G, I would say. The band is not snug, so I would not advise sizing up.

Pricepoint. Full price, around $35. I bought on Amazon at $21...only to see it annoyingly go down to $14 days later. You know the drill: leave it in your cart and let it age like a fine wine.


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Review: Magsol deodorant

As part of my quest to find an effective deodorant that would not cause an allergic reaction, I tried Magsol Magnesium in Rose.

Texture.  One of my favorites: a smooth, dry cream. Soft, non-sticky, and non-grainy. It is less cakey than other options.

The applicator is an unusual round shape. It is also oddly heavy.

Scent. A gorgeous, fresh true rose. Not candied or sickly sweet as some rose scents can be. Unfortunately, it is a bit too faint and not long-lasting enough.

Effectiveness.  6 out 10.

For me, that means I get around 6 hours of protection, maximum.

Price point: around $13. Not cheap; on the more spendy end for this class of products, but it does last for months.

When Do I Wear It?

As with the majority of natural deodorants, it doesn't last a full day, making it a weekend or bedtime option.