Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: Just My Size Satin Wirefree Bra deserves a little more love

I mentioned this one in a post on the few wire-free options that have worked well for me, along with a single side pic in  3 Comfy Wire-free Bras

I wear this bra about once per week. After wearing it to work yesterday, and again being struck by the deep cup capacity, and the unusually great shape it provides, I felt it deserved a bit more attention. Along with photos showing the bra from more than one angle, to give a better idea of the overall fit.

Yes, I seriously did not even bother to take off my top. I was on my way out the door for work, and this is the most light I would see that day. So I seized the moment:

We already went over the comfort profile in the first post, so this is more about the structure and fit. 

Seam structure
The cup has one diagonal seam, which I've found is a great design for full-on-top boobs. If - & these factors are important - that seam has a quite vertical slant and is placed a little higher on the cup. If it is lower and more horizontal, it will give a dreadful downward drooping shape (think Royce styles); or, if placed mid-level, as in the Amourette, it will give a perky-but-pointy shape. But when placed higher, it will give a very round shape, allowing the natural top fullness of the boob to shape itself. As with allowing my curly hair to determine its preferred shape, I find it best to allow my full-on-top boobs to do the same. 

Stretch satin. The cups have a lot of stretch, which I find fabulous. Because it allows for different shapes without compromising support. This is because the seams and the frame provide structure, and the stretch is diagonal, not vertical, so it allows expansion rather than droop.

There will be a lot more weight on the straps because this is a wire-free bra. Luckily, the straps are well-designed: flat, smooth, and wide, though not padded. They are also center-pull so the weight is distributed comfortably across shoulders and back. I do not get any groove or mark from them.They also adjust at the front, something you rarely see anymore. I wear them almost fully extended, because I am tall. But a more petite woman would be able to shorten them a great deal.

That is the serious strength of this bra. It gives a stellar profile shape, which is where most wire-free (& many wired) bras fall down. Literally. 

I still find it hard to believe this is a 40DDD. The pics above show that there is still a little room at the bottom of the cup. And these pics are taken at my PMS-largest, when I am a very full 38GG. So this really fits like a UK 38H on me. The band runs snug, and after a year, has not stretched out at all. I wear the 40 on the loosest hooks and it's a perfect fit. I like my band to fit at a +2. My underbust measures 36", so a 38 band is my default in most UK brands. But I find most mainstream US brands (Bali, Playtex, JMS) to run tighter and so usually opt for a 40 with them. 

At around $15 - $18 (US), this is a well-made bargain. Especially as it comes in several colors (though all but the red are pretty sedate) and different subtle embossed patterns.


  1. Hey - it's tricky to tell from the pics but I think the bottom cup wrinkling could be because there's not enough lower cup projection. I don't think it's excessive, in this case (if that's what's happening), but it's possibly why it's happening.

    1. Interesting. I do get that effect with wired bras sometimes. Tutti Rouge, especially. But here, I think it's likely that I just don't have enough bottom fullness to fill out the base of the cup. I'm pretty full-on-top. Now I'm curious to see how this bra fits on a full-on-bottom shape.

  2. And I think the shape is really nice with the T shirt.

    1. Right? I noticed the shape as I walked by the foyer mirror on my way out the door; I was surprised, and it made me want to revisit this style. I just can't think of another instance where I've gotten a shape I'm so happy with from a wire-free bra.