Sunday, April 10, 2016

Natori Pure Allure: Attempt #2

I liked the Pure Allure enough on my first failed attempt (when I ordered based on the sizing of the former N by Natori (So.Much.Gapping.) to try again. 

After having success with Satin Fleur in a 38H, I intended to try that size again with Pure Allure. However, the top sheer section of the cup was so incredibly loose, and I wanted a color other than black, that I gambled on a 38G. Which almost fit!  Well, sort of.


Really pretty, without being fussy. The edging is an unusual swirled DNA helix/infinity shape pattern. One difference I notice in this lower tier of the size range is that the sheer overlay at neckline is not nearly as large as in the 42H I first tried. In that size it formed a good quarter of the upper/inner cup; in this 38G, it's almost flush to the cup edge. I actually liked the sheer, stretchy panel being a bit more prominent. 

Pure Allure gives a really nice shape. Very rounded, but with a discernible apex. Narrow wires, and a lower gore. Moderate lift, with a...not exactly minimized profile, but a softened projection.The perfect shape to give good drape under thin knits, i.e., not boob-tent creating.

Not bad! Especially from certain angles, it almost seems to fit. Ten years ago, before I knew any better, I would have considered this a good enough fit.


Except, in this case, close enough just wasn't. Though it does accommodate upper fullness (no Natori accommodates inner fullness, unfortunately) these pics show where the inner wires are actually sitting right on boob tissue:

And in this side pic, it's apparent that the wires are low, even for me. They are much lower than the Fleur. It isn't so much their height - I like wires to be lower - as that they hit at an awkward spot and dig a little due to the cup being too small. It's compressing my boobs which makes that strong line of demarcation between where I had a lot of shoulder muscle (now mixed with more fluffy bits, sadly) really stand out. This should be solved by going up a cup.


I can't reliably assess true comfort until I have tried Pure Allure in the right size. I do think it shows a lot of promise as a comfy, lightweight Tshirt bra. It would be a godsend to those living in a hot climate, who want more coverage than a seamed bra provides. So, first impressions:

Fabric.  Though not in the description, it feels like spacer foam. Very thin, flexible foam cups. A huge improvement over the 3 other contour/foam styles I have tried in the brand. The mesh overlay is thin and stretchy. Natori's describes it as providing 'containment without bulk', so they consider it kind of a bumper guard against double-bubble. It does give a smooth line, but mainly it's there to be pretty. The cup foam is nice and thin, so you won't see an abrupt bump at the top of cup the way you can with, say, Freya's thickly padded Deco.

Band.  Power mesh. Not a fan. It's not as soft as Natori's usual finer mesh bands.

Straps.  Now, these are really nice. Unique from their other styles. They are relatively thin in width, but thicker in depth, with a slightly spongey feel. They are also covered in a fabric that reminds of chamois cloth. Very soft, velvety and grippy.

Wires.  The usual Natori narrow-to-medium width, which is about perfect for me. I like the lower height of the wires, and in a cup size up I'd expect them to be very comfy.


The sizing of the new Natori Plus is categorically different from the former N by Natori styles. I only persevered because I love so much about the brand: wire width, soft fabrics, comfy & supportive bands. Here is where it is worthwhile to go in person to a specialty bra shop with a good fitter. If you have that option. I would have to fly 800 miles down to Seattle for that. For those who cannot try on the new Natori styles in person, here is what I suggest:

Keep your cup size in the old Natori, but go down 1 band size.

The new Natori Plus runs a full band size larger, while also running larger in the cup. And the increase between each cup size is a bigger jump than previously.

For instance: I am a 38GG (UK) and a 38I (US/Euro). Because many brands stop at a US/Euro H, I have to sister-size to a 40H (the equivalent of a US 38I and a UK 38GG). In the old Natori, I wore a 40H. In the new, I fit a 38H.



  1. Another excellent review! Thanks for filling in some blanks about this brand and model. I admire your fortitude, buying and returning bras from Alaska!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I need to work on the 'returning' part. I have enough 'almost-but-not-quites' to stock a small corner of eBay.

  3. Hi! Loved your reviews!! The depth of description and critique - brilliant!

    1. Yay! I'm glad they were helpful to you.