Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review: Empreinte Capucine

Very glad I didn't give up on this brand. The Capucine is quite different from the Empreinte Rose. I received several really helpful comments from fans of the brand and decided to try a different style, in a cup size up.

No Beauty category, because, well, the Capucine is very plain indeed, as you see. 


Fabric.   An unusual knit texture; no cotton. It is a nylon-poly blend with a slightly 'nubbly' texture. This cannot be seen on the black colorway, but is apparent on the beige, which makes it appear less plain than the black:

I find this fabric a lot more comfy than the more rigid tulle of the Rose. Though supportive, the fit is actually not 'locked & loaded'. It's a nice midpoint.


Cups.  Like the Rose, this is a very full-coverage balconnette with a high gore. The slight stretch in the fabric accommodates my full-on-top shape fairly well, though it contains completely, so doesn't allow as much rounding of my top tissue. As I'd been warned, the cup increase is significant; because there are no double letters, each cup up is a full inch or so, rather than the 1/2" increases of many UK brands.

Seams.   The seam structure is quite different; more of a traditional 3-part cup. It allows for more projection than Rose and also gives a pointer shape:

Tack.   I get a nice soft tack in this bra, whereas the Rose floats a good 3/4". I can fill the cup, but I have a little room left. I appear to be in-between sizes in Empreinte. Because tack isn't that important to me, and the fabric has some give, I would probably opt for my smaller cup size in this one.

Band.  Stable, 3-hook.  I went with a 40 again because I knew from my experience with Rose that an Empreinte band simply doesn't need to be tight. It's well-designed; stable, anchored, and stays put throughout the day. It really does make a difference that the band is angled lower on the back: it's more comfortable and secure and ensures that the band is really carrying its weight and dispersing it away from the straps and the underbust.

When Do I Wear It?
To work, mainly. It's a good basic and the shape it gives works well with structured clothing and higher necklines. I especially like the fit for the one week of the month that my cup size increases and I experience tenderness.

Size: 40G   (It fits me like a UK 38H. Empreinte sizing is very different from European brands, or even other French brands. For e.g., on me, it definitely runs about 2 cup sizes larger than Chantelle, and a little snugger in the band)


  1. I think this looks great. The depth of Empreinte really works for your top fullness. I think the brand is incomparable!

    1. It is definitely winning me over. The brand wasn't even on my radar until I read your reviews and was intrigued. I would really like to try some 'low necked' styles and see how I fare with the lower gore and cup.

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