Monday, December 21, 2015

Oddball Review: Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder

First off, why is she posting so much (I hear you thinking, if not actually asking)? And, next off, why about that?! 

Chafing, my friends. Nemesis of sensitive-skinned boobalicious folk. Also, I have an uprecedented amount of time to ponder this important life issue while I sit here on my sofa, being aggressively non-weight-bearing and waiting for my tender new knee cartilage to grow.

I bought this product last summer because....OK, because the container is awesome and I wanted it in my bathroom as the ultimate conversation starter for guests. I mean, how not?

Also because I wanted to try it out for underboob bra band irritation I sometimes experience during a rare warm and very humid summer day here. 

The product is meant for chub rub prevention and there is an original formula as well as a baby one. I've no idea how they differ, but the Lady version has a pleasant mild, non-baby or athletic scent. Yay. It has a lot of fans who use it to prevent chafing from running or working out. 

I haven't tried it for chub rub with, say, a skirt, because I trust nothing to prevent that but bike short style undies, but for bra-related chafing? 
It works
And better than I expected it to. I've always been a fan of body powder, since I hate that slightly sticky feeling when I want to get dressed after a shower. And I've always used cornstarch-based rather than talc, which I've heard may work better for chafing, as talc provides more 'slip' on the skin and doesn't melt away in heat and humidity as quickly. 

The Lady Anti Monkey Butt (LAMB) uses calamine and cornstarch as the main ingredients and it is very silky, not clumpy, like the LUSH version of a calamine powder I tried in the early '00s. A small amount goes a long way. I put it to the test after only 3 hours in my most comfy, gentle-seamed, basically chafe-resistant bra (the Anita Twin) resulted in serious chafing caused by my crutches rubbing constantly against where the outer underwire rests. It was visibly red and felt like a light sunburn. 

I was an unhappy non-weightbearing, non-camper. 

But a light dusting of the LAMB and the irritation was reduced by about 50% after 15 minutes, and the redness visibling reduced as well. By bedtime that night, the irritation was completely healed - and I had solemnly switched to wire-less bras  for the next 2 weeks until I am able to lay off the crutches. I am finding that if I dust it lightly under the band it prevents minor irritations from happening as well. And, bonus! It does prevent boob sweat. Very useful for managing the biggest drawback of wire-less bras, as well as for bedtime if you are a big-boobed side-sleeper. Ask me how I know.

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