Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: Just My Size Women's Comfort Lace Hidden Shapers Bra

So, in my quest to add a few more wirefree and ultra-comfy options to my hardworking Bali Comforts for my recovery period, I tried another JMS. 

Spoiler: this style is no Satin Stretch miracle: Review: 3 Comfy Wire-free Bras

Comfort: Frankly, putting the word 'comfort' in the bra's name is a bit of an over reach. 

  • Fabric.  Meh. The lace is not soft. I wouldn't go so far as to call it harsh or scratchy, but it is definitely sturdy and not smooth against the skin. I always wash a bra before wearing it - always. And it did improve slghtly after two washes, but I would not call it soft.
  • Stretch. Simply not enough, especially in the cups. The capacity was unexpectedly small.
  • Straps.  These are good; nice and wide, non-stretch. 
Beauty: it would seem to have potential here, especially for a wire-free, but, well...the pics kind of speak for themselves as to how it looks on the boobs.

Colorways:  Exactly one. White. Which is better than beige, since you can dye it.  Which I immediately did. I always use food coloring because I have super sensitive skin, and it has never irritated me. Notes: it will work on any fabric that contains nylon or elastane, in varying degrees: the higher the nylon content, the better the dye will take. It won't work at all on cotton, and to a lesser degree on acrylic. This makes for interesting effects. For instance, you will get two-tone effects with straps and lace. I should do a post about that sometime, including my um, less successful attempts. 

I am again foiled by northern lighting conditions. However, the violet-blue color on this turned out well. And the shape doesn't appear as awful as expected, although it quickly degrades from this after 30 minutes wear. Also, since Comfort with a capital 'C' was my sole purpose for buying this, I can't consider the bra a success.

Compromises, i.e., everything. 
Band.  Runs loose, significantly reducing the possibility of sister-sizing. I prefer a 38 the vast majority of the time, which is +2 for me. I would need a 40 in this brand, as their bands run slightly snug compared to UK brands. 
Cups.  Disappointingly small. The lace fabric doesn't have enough stretch to be useful or add to the comfort much. 
Fabric. As above. Textured and nubbly against the skin, though the lace flourishes on the underband are oddly non-irritating. 
Side support.  Doesn't really work. There is a slightly padded vertical seamed section meant to bring tissue forward and give a better shape. It just really doesn't accomplish its mission.

When Do I Wear It?
Pretty much only during this recovery period where I cannot tolerate underwire because of the crutches. And even then, only when both Bali Comforts and the far superior JMS Satin Stretch are all in the laundry. 
Size:  42DD (a 40DDD may have given a better fit, but I was unable to locate any in that size)

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