Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review: Bali Comfort Revolution: Feel the Unapologetic Joy

This is the one. The one I turn to when I need to be 100% comfortable and I give zero f*cks about fit. Because, I just cannot. Just.Can.Not. I found this bralette when I underwent emergency surgery and was facing a 3 week recovery, most of which was spent in bed, or sitting on my sofa in a fleece bathrobe. Even after that period I still had tender scar tissue, inconveniently located right at my waist, to contend with. It was for this reason that I embraced the low-rise jeans era, as high waists hit right on the scar. OK, I really mean the mid-rise, because the depths to which the low-rise sunk got, well, crazy. 

Anyhoo, ultimate comfort was imperative during this time, and although I was lean & buff then, I was still a 36FF. Luckily, I had just bought the Bali Comfort on an impulse while shopping for towels one day. A very serendipitous impulse, it turned out. And in the years following I whip this one out when I want ultra-soft, comforting support that I can sleep in if required. Note: there is virtually nothing I can sleep in without tweaking. E.g., I must turn my already soft sleep T's inside out or the seams will leave welts by morning.

My salvation: 

And, the very first version I bought, still going strong after 4 years, that I bought in white & dyed lilac with food coloring. I accidentally left it drying outside in the garden on what turned into a rare sunny day, & the result was a tie-dyed effect:

Honestly, the shape is really not bad. This is basically my natural shape, but better, i.e., a bit more lifted, centered, and supported. My boyfriend actually mentioned that he preferred it to the jacked-up shape of my Cleo Ellis. I know, right? A surprise to me, too.


  • Fabric:  This bra is allllll about comfort. Soft, soft, soft. Stretchy, stretchy, stretchy. Softer, thicker, and far more substantial than say, the Rhonda Shear Ahhh Bra. Ahhhhh. It wraps you in a cloud of comfort that conforms gently to your body and feels soothing if you have boob swelling or skin irritation. It does not provide compression, but hold.
  • Band:  3 hooks, with a padded clasp. I almost fainted from the sheer joy of the pillowy padding protecting my skin from the hooks, while I was laying in bed for weeks. Sheer. Joy. WTF don't more brands do this simple thing that adds so much comfort?
  • Cup capacity:  Surprisingly decent. I am a 38GG and I think this size could reasonably accommodate between a 36FF - 40GG.
  • Support:  Better than expected, due to the fabric and the more substantial band than other pull-over types of  'leisure bra'. I actually wore this to work, out of necessity, when I was healing, and I felt comfortable. The lift was acceptable, and the shape softer and pretty natural. It was especially good under button-downs and sweaters. I'm not sure I would wear this to work under a fitted knit top, but I certainly do at home on weekends. 
  • OK, it might be a stretch applying this category, but this bra has been so uber-successful for Bali that it comes in a plethora of colors and subtle textures. I have no need to buy white and dye it anymore.  I have it in the steel gray above, and will purchase a bright navy next.


 Straps.  This is a fairly minor quibble, but the edged banding on the straps is not my favorite construction. They don't dig, but I would have preferred a softer, flatter design. Still, they are wide and pretty comfortable, so this may just be a 'me' thing, and my own dislike of non-flat seams.

Note: there is a wired version, and it sucks. At least for full-on-top or projected shapes.  It has a steeply angled neckline and more triangular cup shape that cuts into upper tissue, greatly reducing the cup capacity. I removed the wires, and it still fits 2 cup sizes smaller than the wire-free. Can't recommend it for above a DD cup.

When Do I Wear It?  

After I whip off my wired bra at home following a tiring day at work. To bed, when I have PMS swelling. On a plane trip that's longer than 4 hours. On weekends when I'm just wallowing in chocolate & Netflix. When I have house guests and want to feel comfortable, not awkward, during that morning bumbling around for coffee in the kitchen part of the day.
Size:  XXL

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