Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Natori Plus Elegant Effect (i.e., the new Luxe)

*Note: When I first posted this, I specified that it was one of the new styles under Natori Plus, as that is how it was marked when I purchased it. However, it turns it is actually one of the later styles in N by Natori, and it's correctly marked as such on amazon. This explains why it fits so well in my usual Natori sister-size of 40H. I found the newer range runs a good deal larger. However, there were still fit changes from the earlier N by Natori, and these are noted below.

* This will be a short and sweet review because most of the comfort and beauty factors from the now discontinued Luxe (when the line was called 'N by Natori') also hold true for the Elegant Effect. There are some comfort factors that are different, however.

First, here is a photo that may explain why my photo quality is so crap. This is the natural light at 9am in my part of the world, as observed by my unimpressed Sheltie. And, since the sun sets at 3pm, and I am too cheap thrifty to purchase a new phone just for a better camera, there ya go.

For comparison, here is the Luxe:

What's different:  Fit *

Slightly deeper cups. A big plus for me, since the slightly increased depth is in the upper cup and near the gore. 

Sides.  The side is slightly higher. In this case, that's a good thing (something I rarely say), as the Luxe could occasionally dig into the fluffy bits during size fluctuations.

What's different:  Comfort

Straps.  The (very lightly) padded, wider straps are gone. Along with the pretty lace edging that gave a cami effect. They have been replaced with regular, normal width straps. While comfortable enough, this is not an improvement

What's different:  Beauty

Colorways.  Sadly, there are fewer of them. Just the cafe au lait shade I have, and coral and pink. That appears to be it thus far. 

Lace. The pattern is more subtle, and is lace, rather than embroidery.


Still a fantastic bra, with great quality. That wonderfully comfortable, stable band remains the same, and the improvement to the cup pretty much balances out the non-improvement of the straps. 
Size:  40H, Euro sizing. 
(I would ideally need an I cup, or a 42 band, but the excellent construction and comfort features overcome the not ideal fit for me.)


  1. Oh - I feel for you with that much winter so soon!

    1. While we certainly cannot compete with your side of the continent for cold and snow, it's difficult to beat us in the category of relentless gray. Luckily, I've stored up all the sun I need from a childhood spent in Rocky Mountain desert country; I'm usually downright perky in the soft greens and grays of this cool rainforest. Also: Irish whisky.

  2. Have you tried the new Plus Support pieces yet? If you liked the N Line, you'll really enjoy the new direction (plus up to 44 bands!). They are on par with normal Natori pricing, which I know was a disappointment since I liked the quality/price of the original N line. But, they are opening up Natori to a whole group of people who could near wear them before due to the sizing. We have Pure Allure in store which is an upgraded version of Feathers that people are loving!

    1. Hello Erica! As yet, I've only tried the Elegant Effect from the new Plus line. I was a real fan of the Luxe, after first reading of it on your deeply fabulous blog, and sad to see its demise. I am happy to see Natori enlarging their size range, though I do wish they'd go up in cups rather than just bands. I'm thinking of sister-sizing to a 42H; due to the snugger bands, this may just work for me. I have not found the bands to stretch out, but rather to retain their shape, so it wouldn't really shorten the life for me.

      I have indeed been lusting after the Pure Allure since I saw this review of it:
      The only padded bra I currently wear is Tutti's Liliana, which is not at all invisible under thin knits. And I am in rather desperate need of plunges. The Satin Fleur is really promising with its stretch lace. Thank you again for first putting this brand on my radar!