Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Biustonosz SM Summer Time, Ewa Michalak

Like most boobalicious folk with some projection and a need for lower, narrower wires than UK bras cater to, I have wanted to try the Polish brands, particularly Ewa M, with their moderate wire width. And when I saw this on eBay for $30, it was a great chance to try the brand at minimal $$ risk. 

Like everyone else, I have read extensively to try to crack their sizing system to avoid the exasperating process of long distance returns. Because my shape and size are similar to Georgina's of FullerFigureFullerBust (though she is a cup or so larger, and enamored of much, much tighter bands than I myself prefer) I pored over her Ewa M reviews. Her conclusion: go for one band larger, and stick with your UK cup size. This turned out to be excellent advice, and very accurate for my shape and size. Ewa's calculator would have put me in a 40F. The bra I tried was a 40G. Since I am now at the upper end of a 38GG, I was concerned that the cup size might not be adequate, but thought I might get close. And, indeed, if I found the style more comfy, I would opt for a cup bigger next time.

Note: The oddball angle that makes my boobs appear a little, er, imbalanced is due to my contorting my arm and shoulder to try to get the stunning embroidery in the pix. There is actually no gaping in the top, and my boobs do align at a normal level in the cups. :-)

Beauty:  Wow, is this thing ever gorgeous. Just...really, deeply lovely in person. Delicate, ethereal embroidery floating over gossamer appearing fine mesh. If beauty were all that mattered, I would only ever wear this confection and its ilk.

Fit:  Hmmmm. Wellll....Also, there are no comfort features to speak of, so I am conflating the categories:
  • Wires.  Higher than I expected or prefer. Also, there is a distinctly odd sharp angle that reminds me of an airline seat in the reclined position. Coincidentally, it provides about that degree of comfort.
  • Cups.  A nice depth, especially in the upper cup, where so often I do not get enough room. However, the bottom of the cups do not have quite enough space for me to settle in comfortably. Tutti Rouge often gives me the same issue. The lack of any kind of stretch or give also makes this a tricky fit. I would likely need a cup larger for my best fit.
  • Band.  Average comfort and quality. And it does indeed run snug. The 40 fits like a 36 (which is my snug band measurement). They are not kidding about the +4 being built into their sizing system. Ignore this and insist upon your UK band size at your peril. In future purchases, I will go with a 42G in the SM style. Most reviews have singled this style out for especiall tight bands, so I may opt for a 40 in PL or S styles.
When Do I Wear It?  Not often, frankly. When I want to look and feel alluring, and don't expect to have it on more than an hour or two. Ahem. It just doesn't have the features I need for true comfort, such as shorter wires - preferably with some cushioning; soft material for the band and straps; some stretch in at least the top 1/2 of the cup (which makes me curious to try the BM style, though it is not as gorgeous).
Size:  40G (a cup too small)

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