Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Curvy Kate Gia

This is the best shape I've found with Curvy Kate. 2nd best is Portia. I've worn this brand quite a bit over the last year, although now that I have bumped up 1/2 cup size, they no longer work so well. Mainly due to the total lack of stretch in the cup fabric; Curvy Kate is all about the rigid, though fairly soft, fabric. Unfortunately, as the fabric has no ability to flex and bounce back, it distorts over the day resulting in the now infamous 'upside down 7' ski slope shape that is especially a problem for full-on-top shapes. 


  • Wires are medium-low in height, which I really enjoy. Medium width. CK is never 'a lotta bra'.
  • Cup fabric is a comfy satin simplex on the lower part, and a softish mesh on top.
  • Straps are in a nice position, not too far to the edge.
  • Gore is fairly low, not too wide and tacks well.

  • Rich jewel toned color. The satin lower cup has a subtle luster. The geometric mesh has tiny random cut-outs. It's not my favorite; I'm more of a lace fan.
  • True balconette shape, with a little less coverage than some otheir other styles.
  • Shape is lifted and round-ish, for Curvy Kate.
  • Band. Not the softest. And it has a little of that thin elastic along the edges that is tighter than the rest of the band. It's not as bad as Freya, but noticeable. 
  • Like all their styles, as the cup size increases, so does the upper panel of the cup. I just don't care for the way it throws off the balance of the design by expanding to 1/2 the overall cup, rather than the 1/3 it comprises in the smaller sizes.
  • Virtually no ability to accommodate size fluctuations. The wires will quickly begin to dig, and the already iffy shape develops odd angles that resemble a squared-odd triangle.
  • Band runs quite snug and stops at a 38.
When Do I Wear It?
Mainly as a compromise choice while I'm searching for better options in a seamed, lightweight, minimal-to-moderate coverage balconette. comfy enough for a work day and breathable in summer.
Size: 38GG


  1. I've wondered about this bra for a long while. I don't find Curvy Kate works optimally for my degree of projection (not unless I size up - and then it's hit and miss). But it is a really pretty bra.

  2. Hello there, Kristin. I've been poring over your wonderful Empreinte reviews as I agonize over whether to give them a try, i.e. Go big or go home. I'm haunted by the not unlikely possibility I will find my holy grail...& then size fluctuations will dash my dream.

    I am fairly projected with relatively firm tissue and a full on top shape (forever indebted to Bras I Hate for that life-changing bit of knowledge). So the fact that CK works for me at all is testMent to their significant improvements in cup depth and more narrow wires- it really is a bery different fit from Princess & Emily. Alas, most of that depth is in the bottom of the cup. CK would be a very strong contender if they would simply embrace the game changing stretch-lace in the upper cup, resulting in a Panache Jasmine style without the deal-breaking rigid armpit-stabbing wires and 2-hook band.