Friday, March 11, 2016

Review: Fantasie Esme

This is an unusual outlier among Fantasie's usual offerings: seamless, non-padded, non-projected, with incredibly low and wide-ish wires. 


Band: runs snug, but is usual for Fantasie. It is only 2 hooks, but it's a stable, firm band.

Cups: Seamless, wide, and shallow. Full-on-top friendly. Runs about 1/2 cup large. I had slight wrinkling at the top when I was a 36GG. But now, at a 38GG, it still fits well. Esme functions as a T-shirt bra, but gives the opposite shape to their fairly iconic padded and/or molded T-shirt bras. The effect is minimizing, with boobs held close to the chest:

Straps:  kicked in, and a hybrid of center-pull and almost T-back. They really angle in at the back. Useful if you have narrow shoulders, or just want to give your shoulders a break and have your straps in a different spot.  

Wires:  unusually wide, especially for Fantasie. And low. Wow, do I mean low. I couldn't contort my arm to get a good pic, but they are almost - dare I say it, me, the high wire hater - too low. They will actually dig into my fluffy bits by the end of the day. They're also wider than I need. Anita wide. 

TackThe gore doesn't tack well because the cup is quite shallow. I can always tell when Righty, my bigger boob, is making a break for some extra space.

The fabric is subtly pinstriped. And there is a tiny tuxedo bow at the gore and base of the straps. The straps have a soft tiny ribbed texture. It's a nice clean-lined design, but not boring.


The Esme is comfy - with caveats:

  •  The wires are softish, but they are so low that they do not dig into the armpits, so their extra-wide shape doesn't bother me. However, there isn't any cushioned tip on the ends, so they can poke into the soft flesh a bit. 
  • The 2-hook band is never ideal for me. I'd prefer the smooth comfort and support of 3 hooks.

When Do I Wear It?

Under loose flowy tops, because I know Esme will not give me a boob tent.  When I want a lightweight, non-padded T-shirt bra, with zero show-through, and a secure no-bounce fit. With tank tops or shells with a narrow neckline and cut-away sleeveless fit; Esme excels at disappearing here.

Size:  38G

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