Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Tutti Rouge Fifi

This is perhaps my favorite Tutti style, after the lustrous Betty. Alas, Fifi and I did not live happily ever after. My only unqualified success with Tutti, comfort-wise, remains the Liliana. 

But, see what I mean? Is she not 18th century, baroque Rococo fabulousness? Lace, polka dots, ruffles, and tiny rosebuds.

       ....Annnnd here's why we start to go off the rails 

Wires.  A bit too rigid for my preference. Like the Nichole, I had to bend the wires at the gore, as well as at the sides. Something I rarely have to do. But these actually curve inward at the gore, and they would dig horribly if not bent outward into a neutral position. However, the width is good. I do not have any empty space at the bottom of the cup, as I often do with Tutti's. Although the usual sharp dip at the base of the wire is still present.

Cup.  A distinctly odd shape. I was excited at first that there was plenty of room in the upper and inner cup. And I love the roundness and more subtle profile that a vertical seam provides, but the Fifi has a very defined apex, giving a more upward pointed shape.

This results in oddly flattened shape, as if my boobs are pressed up against a window, for e.g.
It could simply be that the cup shape is intended for full on bottom boobs, which the cups would form into a more rounded shape. With my full on top boobs, I already have plenty of inner and upper fullness that fills that area of the cup naturally, so the shape I get is....this. But I'm not a seamstress so this is just a theory.

The rigidity of the wires means that there can't be true comfort for me. Ditto with the mesh fabric. The lace ruffle below the band never bothers me with Tutti. The fact that it is a ruffle means it floats gently against the skin, and never digs in, the way it would if it were stitched into place as a flat edging, as say in the Fantasie Rebecca, which causes me a lot of irritation. The straps are on the thin side and very wide-set. I am broad-shouldered, and they are right to the edges of mine. If you are narrow-shouldered, I think this would almost certainly cause issues. 

When Do I Wear It?  Very rarely. I had hoped Fifi would serve as a rare neutral bra for me under lighter tops. But though she is gorgeous, I just do not find the lovely Fifi at all comfy. I have worn her for periods of 2 or 3 hours on weekends - and am really happy to take her off at that point. This is another of my vast collection that should really be re-homed via eBay.
Size:  38GG


  1. Whoa, those straps really are wide-set! I think it's as much a shape mismatch as anything. But it's a pretty looking bra.

    1. Agreed. I have quite broad shoulders and they are still right to the edge of what is wearable for me.