Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Tutti Rouge Mae/Sophia

This is Mae in Deep Berry. She is the same as Sophia, which I have in an unusual mint bluey-green that is very pretty - on someone else, with different coloring. But the Mae is a gorgeous, juicy jeweled berry.

Beauty - ohhhh, lots of it.

Tutti Rouge's aesthetic is always stunning.  I have 5 different styles - all very different shapes - but all are objectively beautiful. The brand is famous for its small touches and attention to detail: the heart-shaped strap adjusters; lace ruffles; detailed straps; embroidery on the clasp.


The materials are good quality, and comfy in and of themselves. Cotton lined, padded lower cup; very soft tulle upper cup. All of Tutti's straps are quite slender, but, surprisingly, they are not uncomfortable. This is due to the scaffolding effect of the intensely structured cups. It reads, and feels, like 'a lotta bra'. For me, this is a welcome effect if I have swelling, but otherwise, not so much.


Cups   They are of a 1/2-padded style not often seen in UK or US bras; it's a popular style in Polish brands, however. Meant to give the coverage & structure of a padded bra, with the shaping of a seamed bra. The bottom is padded and very structured, while the top is completely the opposite. Stretch lace would have been a better choice, frankly. The soft tulle fabric of the upper cup is completely unfitted and has no stretch. So, even on full-on-top shapes, it sort of flutters about loosely. This isn't visible under clothing, but is just an odd design. Overall, there is just more cup than I prefer.

Band:   Mae/Sophia has a 3-hook band, unlike the Liliana. I do prefer this, but because the cups are so structured, it matters less. The band is comfy, softish mesh. 
Wires   A little firmer and taller than is ideal for me. Not Panache-harsh, but firm. I do bend out the upper outer wire tips to better conform to the outer flare of my own shape there. The main flaw - & it is present on all Tuttis - is the very steep dip at the bottom off the wires, and the way it dips way down below the band. I find this uncomfortable, and basically a recipe for digging whenever you are sitting down. It's just a really unfortunate design choice in construction. It gives the illusion that the band is riding up, but it is actually quite snug, and sitting level. Like so:

Cup seam.   The transition between the padded part of the cup and the loose tulle is not smooth; the seam is thick and raised, forming a ridge. I always have a deep red mark across my boob when I take the bra off. While both fabrics are very comfy in  themselves - that cotton lining is genius - the way that they are joined negates a lot of that comfort.

When Do I Wear It?   Under thin, clingy knits where I'd want the coverage of a T-shirt bra. Or, with a dress that has a high waistline, and can accommodate some projection. The Mae is not in regular rotation because I just prefer a lot less coverage and architectural structure in a daily bra. 
Size 38GG

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