Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update: Natori Plus Decadence, post Franken-bra revision

So I decided to try removing the hideous, bright white, support sling/tube sock thingies (SSTT's) from the cups of Decadence. 

Just to see if it would at least make the bra wearable. I would not have bothered had I paid full price, but as I previously loved the brand, wanted to see if I could save this one.

You'll recall we last saw the SSTT here:


                                     And after removal:

There was actual sun that day, which is why the bra is showing its actual IRL color. I had to stand by my front door (on the SW side of the house) to capture the very fleeting sunlight before it dropped beyond the huge mountains, so I just gambled that the postman wouldn't come early and be scandalized.

Though the bra is a bit more wearable, I still can't settle into the cups. Even without the dreadful SSTT's, they are simply too tall and shallow. The width of the wires is just right, but the height is insane. Especially when combined with an incredibly shallow and bizarrely elongated cup. It is difficult to visualize the boob shape and body type for which this would be an ideal fit. The cups are so tall, that it would require a woman taller than my own height of 5'9", with very low-set - but tall and shallow - boobs, with almost no projection. 

So that was a Fail. I still plan to try the Pure Allure in a size (or 2) down, but it's beginning to look like the newer cup shapes, and especially the new scaling in larger cup sizes, is going to mean Natori will no longer be my go-to brand for comfort and beauty. 


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